A New Holland backhoe owner contacted us recently looking for a longer lasting rubber shoe for their backhoe. We found a simple solution. The Backhoe was outfitted with FlipPad Internationals Double Duty Street Pad. The worlds first and only reversible rubber shoe for Backhoes. This slick stabilizer pad for can fit virtually any backhoe made in the North and South American markets. All you need to tell us is the brand of your center mount backhoe loader and we will do the rest.

Our design team loves the design and the color. At FlipPad, we can customize your stabilizer to any color! In this case, we choose a cool textured black! The New Holland backhoe looks sharp.

FlipPad Internationals Double Duty Street pad has a wearing surface on both sides. Instead of replacing your rubber after it is worn, you simply unbolt and flip to get a entirely new wearing surface.

Let us know what you need and we will help you come up with a solution for your backhoe!

Driving a backhoe

July 20, 2012

I just read an excellent article on driving a backhoe, you can see it here.

One particular instruction jumps out at me. No. 4 Locate the shorter control sticks that raise and lower the stabilizers. Make sure the stabilizers are all the way up before you drive the backhoe.

If you want to get the most out of your rubber shoes, you must raise the stabilizers off the ground so that the stabilizer pads are not receiving unnecessary wear. Time and time again we have seen backhoe operators putting extensive stress on the stabilizer pads when operating in this way. So remember to lift up the stabilizer arm before moving the backhoe, let's get the most out of our Laminated Rubbers.

Here we see a father and son team traversing their backhoe with the stabilizer arms in the up position. Perfectly executed.

Construction Equipment wrote a great article on the 580 N-Series backhoe. You can see it here. The basis of the article is that the new 580 N-Series backhoe from Case is stronger everywhere. The report is excellent with one exception. The stabilizer pads, more specifically the rubber shoes. We have spent the last 35 years designing and manufacturing stabilizer pads and shoes for backhoes. In almost every situation, laminated rubber pads outlast molded shoes. So, sure the new 580 N-Series backhoe is stronger, except in one area where it counts the most.

Our design team has been at it again, this time they have developed a new stabilizer pad utilizing our laminated rubber technology. To simplify things, our new FlipPad for the 580 N-Series is equipped with our SuperGrip rubber shoe.

Here is a shot of the grouser. Our new rugged design lends itself to aggressively cut into the ground surface for stability when working on hard non-paved surfaces.

The SuperGrip laminated rubber Flip Pad will retrofit all 580 N-Series backhoes and is designed to let the rubber shoes wear evenly by loading them centrally.

Another nice feature is that we have eliminated that annoying pin, which stops the FlipPad from self-flipping from the grouser side to rubber. Our new anti-flip latch is a simple attachment which allows the backhoe operator to manually flip and lock/release the pad by simply turning the latch. With this patented latch there is no hardware to remove and replace or lose.

The new 580 N-Series backhoe is certainly stronger now.

Recycled Rubber

April 27, 2012

I was just browsing recycled rubber and ran across this post from Going Vegan with Ellen. You can check it out here Recycled Rubber. What a great use for recycled rubber.

What other products can you think of making out of recycled rubber?

We are Nuts about you!

December 15, 2011

Our Case SuperGrip just got better. A few customers have brought to our attention that the nuts we use on the Case Supergrip replacement rubber, which is a 7/16 locknut is a bit different from the Case 580N version. Which means if we don't supply you with our nut, it will be difficult bolting the replacement rubber onto your 580N Backhoe. Beginning today, FlipPad International will include nuts on all Case SuperGrip Rubbers. Go nuts!

Do You Double Duty?

December 07, 2011

The Double Duty reversible stabilizer pad is the world's first stabilizer for backhoes that offers a reversible rubber. We understand that it is very expensive to repair unintended damage to paved surfaces, so we invented another to help solve this problem, the laminated double-sided rubber stabilizer pad for backhoes. In this short video, we will demonstrate this product, the Double Duty FlipPad. The goal of this unique design is to offer backhoe users a built in spare stabilizer rubber. In other words, instead of replacing a worn out rubber, you simply flip over our rugged laminated Double Duty Pad. As a result, backhoe users will have a brand new wearing surface, saving time, money and the pavement.

Go with the Double Duty from FlipPad International.


What is Powder Coating?

November 02, 2011

Powder Coating is the most economical and smartest way to restore, refinish or just plain improve the durability of any product made of aluminum, steel, metal, brass or copper – AND in keeping with our reduce, reuse and recycle mantra here at Flippad - it's also extremely environmentally friendly and pollution free!

Think Green with Powder Coating!

Powder Coating contains no VOC's (volatile organic compounds), does not contain carcinogens (think spray paint) and is virtually pollution-free!

Powder vs. Spray Paint.

While similar to spray painting (but clearly not even in the same league), powder coating has five times the climate resistance to heat & cold, corrosion invasion and scratch resistant durability with the most beautifully amazing finished look. What would take you painstaking days & multiple cans of spray paint – powder coating can save you tons of time and money!

How does Powder Coating work?

The process of powder coating combines finely ground particles made of pigment and resin that is electrically charged then professionally sprayed onto the products surface. Then it is baked to perfection just like ceramic so the paint is cured and the paint particles are permanently adhered.

Here are some examples of work we Powder Coat in Hanover, Ma.


Call us today for a quote!

Made in the USA

October 20, 2011

How many items do you purchase everyday?

Do you always check to make sure they are MADE IN THE USA?

We do, we always design, manufacture and test our products in the USA and all of our parts supplied are from American manufacturers.

Whoever decided to de-industrialize anyway? We won’t do it. FlippadInternational was born and bred in America and we aren’t going anywhere.

There are so many wonderful companies & products right here in the good ole USA – that are being over looked.

In this economy we should be at the forefront of a trend: The Rehab of American Manufacturing without de-industrializing!

So when you want the tried and true, Red White and Blue – look no further than Made In America Backhoe Stabilizer Pad Products from Flippad International!

How about you? Do you buy in America? What does your company Manufacture?

Customize me!

September 28, 2011

Amazing what you get when you type in CUSTOMIZABLE in any search engine. Endless possiblities.

Well, we at FlipPad international are here to tell you - we can do the same! No, we can't help you in customizing the new Facebook 

or a laptop.

But we CAN fully customize a stabilizer pad or laminated rubber to fit almost anything. Laminated rubbers are not just for backhoes, we have designed rubber shoes to fit on Caterpillar Excavators, Volvo Wheeled Excavators and we don't stop there. Please let us know your application and we will customize anything you desire. If it's for your backhoe, excavator or any other piece of machinery that needs some stabilizing, let us know and we will build it for you!

All you have to do is ask! Give us a call today at FlipPad and let us customize you a stabilizer!

The Deere 110 backhoe loader is a splendid machine. The 110 Deere backhoe offers almost everything, and we are talking about lots of cool specs. Well, we found something that is missing, and that is FlipPad's Laminated Rubber shoes. That is where we come in, we have retrofitted our rugged laminated rubbers to fit on to this beautiful backhoe loader from Deere. Call us today and order your FlipPad Laminated Rubbers for your Deere 110 backhoe loader. Shipping is on us!