Made in the USA

How many items do you purchase everyday?

Do you always check to make sure they are MADE IN THE USA?

We do, we always design, manufacture and test our products in the USA and all of our parts supplied are from American manufacturers.

Whoever decided to de-industrialize anyway? We won’t do it. FlippadInternational was born and bred in America and we aren’t going anywhere.

There are so many wonderful companies & products right here in the good ole USA – that are being over looked.

In this economy we should be at the forefront of a trend: The Rehab of American Manufacturing without de-industrializing!

So when you want the tried and true, Red White and Blue – look no further than Made In America Backhoe Stabilizer Pad Products from Flippad International!

How about you? Do you buy in America? What does your company Manufacture?

Andris Lagsdin
Andris Lagsdin