Double Duty Street Pads for any backhoe!

A New Holland backhoe owner contacted us recently looking for a longer lasting rubber shoe for their backhoe. We found a simple solution. The Backhoe was outfitted with FlipPad Internationals Double Duty Street Pad. The worlds first and only reversible rubber shoe for Backhoes. This slick stabilizer pad for can fit virtually any backhoe made in the North and South American markets. All you need to tell us is the brand of your center mount backhoe loader and we will do the rest.

Our design team loves the design and the color. At FlipPad, we can customize your stabilizer to any color! In this case, we choose a cool textured black! The New Holland backhoe looks sharp.

FlipPad Internationals Double Duty Street pad has a wearing surface on both sides. Instead of replacing your rubber after it is worn, you simply unbolt and flip to get a entirely new wearing surface.

Let us know what you need and we will help you come up with a solution for your backhoe!

Andris Lagsdin
Andris Lagsdin