Construction Equipment wrote a great article on the 580 N-Series backhoe. You can see it here. The basis of the article is that the new 580 N-Series backhoe from Case is stronger everywhere. The report is excellent with one exception. The stabilizer pads, more specifically the rubber shoes. We have spent the last 35 years designing and manufacturing stabilizer pads and shoes for backhoes. In almost every situation, laminated rubber pads outlast molded shoes. So, sure the new 580 N-Series backhoe is stronger, except in one area where it counts the most.

Our design team has been at it again, this time they have developed a new stabilizer pad utilizing our laminated rubber technology. To simplify things, our new FlipPad for the 580 N-Series is equipped with our SuperGrip rubber shoe.

Here is a shot of the grouser. Our new rugged design lends itself to aggressively cut into the ground surface for stability when working on hard non-paved surfaces.

The SuperGrip laminated rubber Flip Pad will retrofit all 580 N-Series backhoes and is designed to let the rubber shoes wear evenly by loading them centrally.

Another nice feature is that we have eliminated that annoying pin, which stops the FlipPad from self-flipping from the grouser side to rubber. Our new anti-flip latch is a simple attachment which allows the backhoe operator to manually flip and lock/release the pad by simply turning the latch. With this patented latch there is no hardware to remove and replace or lose.

The new 580 N-Series backhoe is certainly stronger now.

Andris Lagsdin
Andris Lagsdin