Customize me!

September 28, 2011

Amazing what you get when you type in CUSTOMIZABLE in any search engine. Endless possiblities.

Well, we at FlipPad international are here to tell you - we can do the same! No, we can't help you in customizing the new Facebook 

or a laptop.

But we CAN fully customize a stabilizer pad or laminated rubber to fit almost anything. Laminated rubbers are not just for backhoes, we have designed rubber shoes to fit on Caterpillar Excavators, Volvo Wheeled Excavators and we don't stop there. Please let us know your application and we will customize anything you desire. If it's for your backhoe, excavator or any other piece of machinery that needs some stabilizing, let us know and we will build it for you!

All you have to do is ask! Give us a call today at FlipPad and let us customize you a stabilizer!

The Deere 110 backhoe loader is a splendid machine. The 110 Deere backhoe offers almost everything, and we are talking about lots of cool specs. Well, we found something that is missing, and that is FlipPad's Laminated Rubber shoes. That is where we come in, we have retrofitted our rugged laminated rubbers to fit on to this beautiful backhoe loader from Deere. Call us today and order your FlipPad Laminated Rubbers for your Deere 110 backhoe loader. Shipping is on us!

Demolishing with a Brokk!

August 08, 2011

Destroying can be fun sometimes, as there is always a feeling of satisfaction when it comes to starting from a new slate!

Remember how much fun these remote controlled demolition derby cars were – back in the day?

Well, if you like demolishing stuff, (and to get a feeling of how far we have come...) You have to check out the Big, Beautiful; Brokk 400 remote controlled demolishing machine!

For those of you who may not be familiar, Brokk is the world’s leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines. At Con-Expo we had the opportunity to visit many exceptional exhibits and Brokk was one of them.

FlipPad engineers got some great feedback from Brokk customers who have stated that the stabilizer pad is weak because it’s rubber is molded.

Ask and you shall receive! We have now begun to design a laminated rubber to retrofit for the Brokk machine. In our opinion, the Brokk demolition machine is a strong and beautiful machine, all the more reason to build a tough laminated rubber for the stabilizer.

These two profile photos depict our durable laminated rubber on a Brokk 330.

Our laminated rubber outlasts molded shoes in almost every situation. Not only is our laminated rubber tough, it is built to give the backhoe more stability in a tough environment.

FlipPad International engineers have been busy at your request to develop a new FlipPad for the Case 580N backhoe loader. Now you can erase your concerns about very expensive, unnecessary collateral damage to paved surfaces. Most new Case 580N backhoe loaders come equipped with a Case version reversible pad, however the stabilizer pad has a few functional differences from their previous pads. First, the rubbers are molded. That means the beautiful new Case backhoe is going to slide around considerably more with the rubber stabilizer feet in the down position. Especially working on typical paved hard surfaces with loose granular material spread on the ground. As the Backhoe is sliding around on jagged material the molded rubber shoes are going to start to "chunk" or fall apart pretty quickly. The molded shoes are not designed to withstand the rigors of aggressive digging.

Well, we, here at FlipPad have made a few modifications to alleviate these issues.

First, we have developed a new reversible stabilizer pad to retrofit the new Case 580N backhoe loader. Our version utilizes the familiar rugged, chunk-proof laminated rubber shoe. As an added bonus, we have designed and patented this new reversible shoe that has two wear surfaces. Its our DoubleDuty. We have a built in spare inside the stabilizer. Basically giving the laminated rubber shoe double the life. Secondly, we have designed the new FlipPad Assembly with a super aggressive grouser that is designed to “carve” its way into hard or frozen soil conditions to help your backhoe work in extreme conditions.

Our new FlipPad for 580 N Case backhoes is now available. We can also supply you with our SuperGrip rubber to replace the molded shoes on your current version stabilizer.

The 3 R's

April 19, 2011

Here at Flippad, we preach and also try desperately to practice the 3 R’s. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

While our intense Shot Blaster machine, makes our steel parts squeaky clean and prepared for powder coat paint. It is not always the best solution for cleaning everything.

One of our overly conscious recyclers here at Flippad took this “clean” test to the extreme this week. He found out the hard way that this is not always the most practical solution in recycling.

This picture is of a sheet tray I use at home that we tried to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle in an effort to expand the life cycle. I am not quite sure its going to work anymore.

Next time, i'll just spend the 20 bucks and buy a new sheet tray – after I recycle this one!!

Does anyone else have any interesting recycling stories to share?

Our engineers have been hard at work trying to expand and improve our product offerings to our customers. As a result, we have redesigned the Case street pad for backhoes. This new design offers an additional 48 square inches of wearing surface. The beauty is that you don’t need to make any modifications to your stabilizer leg. The new Case street pad design will help reduce downtime as well as save you money. When you are looking to replace your Case Street pads for your 580 or 590 L,K,M or N backhoe model, take a look at our new street pad and give us a call at FlipPad International.

Thank you Con-Expo

March 31, 2011

WOW, what a whirl wind?! We just returned from ConExpo and there were more things to see and explore than we imagined! It sure was “The Best of What’s New”, the latest & greatest, from equipment to technology to strategies useful for every business in our industry right now. Our minds are still spinning!

Of course the spinning could also have been due to the bright lights of the city that never sleeps ~ AND our beautiful lighted booth (pictured here) but whatever the reason, we are glad we attended.

It was a wonderful experience and we met LOTS of great people and that was the best part of all!

If you’re a special someone that shook hands with us in Vegas ~ we wanted to say “THANKS” for coming by and you can expect us to follow up on our promise to get better acquainted!

In the meantime, if you just want to chat, ask questions, say hello ~ please feel free to reach out to us on our toll-free number: 1-800-FLIPPAD (354-7723), we would love to hear from you!

Think Different, Color

March 08, 2011

One of the many things we all know about life is everyone wants choices. We learned this in kindergarten.

Remember when you were one of the first kids to be called on to pick your favorite crayon color out of the box? How exciting was that?!

The smell of it, the look of it and OOOHHH… what we thought our favorite colored magic crayon would help us draw!

Introducing our new colored FlipPad Assemblies for Backhoes! Now you have your choice of crayon colors, but in a Flippad!

Choices!! Exciting Right?!

All of our painting is done using Powder Coating, the color choice is yours! What color is your brand?

FlipPad International has received several inquires asking for us to redesign a rugged laminated rubber to fit the new Case 580N. Our new design is complete and we are proud to offer this rugged laminated shoe to replace the molded version that comes equipped on the Case 580N. Our SuperGrip rubber was designed to outlast the molded version. The SuperGrip will not chunk-out and it will help prevent your backhoe from sliding. Please visit our website or call us at 1-800-FLIPPAD (354-7723) if you are interested in purchasing this new product.

1. It will stop your Deere backhoe from sliding.

2. Tough laminated stabilizer rubber will not chunk out.

3. Will not damage pavement.

4. Doesn't freeze or harden in cold weather like molded rubbers do.

5. More rugged in appearance and more durable.

6. Free shipping from FlipPad International.

7. Coming soon for your Case Backhoe Loader.

8. Rubber is 100% Recycled