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Do You Double Duty?

The Double Duty reversible stabilizer pad is the world's first stabilizer for backhoes that offers a reversible rubber. We understand that it is very expensive to repair unintended damage to paved surfaces, so we invented another to help solve this problem, the laminated double-sided rubber stabilizer pad for backhoes. In this short video, we will demonstrate this product, the Double Duty FlipPad. The goal of this unique design is to offer backhoe users a built in spare stabilizer rubber. In other words, instead of replacing a worn out rubber, you simply flip over our rugged laminated Double Duty Pad. As a result, backhoe users will have a brand new wearing surface, saving time, money and the pavement.

Go with the Double Duty from FlipPad International.


Andris Lagsdin
Andris Lagsdin