Case 580N Backhoe FlipPad

FlipPad International engineers have been busy at your request to develop a new FlipPad for the Case 580N backhoe loader. Now you can erase your concerns about very expensive, unnecessary collateral damage to paved surfaces. Most new Case 580N backhoe loaders come equipped with a Case version reversible pad, however the stabilizer pad has a few functional differences from their previous pads. First, the rubbers are molded. That means the beautiful new Case backhoe is going to slide around considerably more with the rubber stabilizer feet in the down position. Especially working on typical paved hard surfaces with loose granular material spread on the ground. As the Backhoe is sliding around on jagged material the molded rubber shoes are going to start to "chunk" or fall apart pretty quickly. The molded shoes are not designed to withstand the rigors of aggressive digging.

Well, we, here at FlipPad have made a few modifications to alleviate these issues.

First, we have developed a new reversible stabilizer pad to retrofit the new Case 580N backhoe loader. Our version utilizes the familiar rugged, chunk-proof laminated rubber shoe. As an added bonus, we have designed and patented this new reversible shoe that has two wear surfaces. Its our DoubleDuty. We have a built in spare inside the stabilizer. Basically giving the laminated rubber shoe double the life. Secondly, we have designed the new FlipPad Assembly with a super aggressive grouser that is designed to “carve” its way into hard or frozen soil conditions to help your backhoe work in extreme conditions.

Our new FlipPad for 580 N Case backhoes is now available. We can also supply you with our SuperGrip rubber to replace the molded shoes on your current version stabilizer.

Andris Lagsdin
Andris Lagsdin