FlipPad International has received several inquires asking for us to redesign a rugged laminated rubber to fit the new Case 580N. Our new design is complete and we are proud to offer this rugged laminated shoe to replace the molded version that comes equipped on the Case 580N. Our SuperGrip rubber was designed to outlast the molded version. The SuperGrip will not chunk-out and it will help prevent your backhoe from sliding. Please visit our website or call us at 1-800-FLIPPAD (354-7723) if you are interested in purchasing this new product.

1. It will stop your Deere backhoe from sliding.

2. Tough laminated stabilizer rubber will not chunk out.

3. Will not damage pavement.

4. Doesn't freeze or harden in cold weather like molded rubbers do.

5. More rugged in appearance and more durable.

6. Free shipping from FlipPad International.

7. Coming soon for your Case Backhoe Loader.

8. Rubber is 100% Recycled

This picture dates back to 2004. Several years ago Case made an executive decision to switch to molded rubber shoes on the 580M series backhoes. (After approximately one year, they switched back to rugged laminated shoes). Molded backhoe shoes simply fall apart, sometimes in a day. FlipPad International would offer a molded shoe if we thought it would add value to our backhoe customers. They don't. Molded shoes are cheap to produce, period. Anyway, the 580N series is out and it's molded, again.

We are designing a replacement laminated rubber shoe for the 580N Case series backhoe and it will be available in a few weeks. We promise to offer a strong laminated rubber shoe that will grip, which will stop your Case backhoe from sliding, and it will not chunk out. Our rubber is 100% recycled material, and it's tough stuff. This rugged laminated rubber shoe from FlipPad International will be available in weeks. Case SuperGrip is now available. Call 1-800-FLIPPAD(354-7723) to order.